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Avon Schools Plans for Continued Enrollment Growth

Writer / Kevin Carr
Photography Provided

In an era when most school districts in Indiana are managing decreased enrollment, administrators at Avon Schools are taking action to plan for and remain ahead of steady growth.

“Our vision states that we are a nationally recognized district of choice that embraces all students, and prepares them to grow and thrive for their future,” says Superintendent Scott Wyndham. “To achieve this vision, we need to create more space for additional students.”

Student enrollment in Avon Schools is surging and a demographic study completed in 2021 projects continued growth:

  • District enrollment has grown by 1,900 students since 2011 and is projected to grow by approximately 2,000 students in the next decade.
  • Enrollment at Avon High School is projected to eclipse 4,000 in the 2028-2029 school year.
  • The Town of Avon and Washington Township are growing rapidly, attracting businesses and industries, and planning multiple residential developments.

District administrators have been planning to provide additional space in which to welcome more students and prepare them for the future.

Avon Schools

Avon High School

This is where enrollment growth has been felt most profoundly. Every usable space has been pressed into service to accommodate the school’s 3,400 students. In preparation for enrollment growth, the Avon Board of School Trustees has approved the design of significant expansion and renovation. While still in the design phase, this project is expected to provide approximately 40 additional classrooms, improve traffic flow inside and around the school, update structures and systems (many of which are approaching 25 years old), and renovate performing arts and athletics facilities to provide high-quality experiences for even more students. Design is underway. Once construction is approved, leaders project a completion time in summer or fall of 2024.

Middle School North and South

These schools do not require more square footage to accommodate current enrollment. District leaders are watching growth trends closely to determine when these schools will require additional space.

Intermediate School East and West

Enrollment has grown rapidly at Avon Intermediate School East and West, and portable classrooms are providing temporary relief. The Avon Board of School Trustees has approved the addition of approximately six classrooms to each school by the start of the 2024-2025 school year.

Elementary Schools

In recent years enrollment at Avon’s elementary schools has become significantly imbalanced. District boundaries were redrawn in early 2021, and building expansions at Hickory, Maple and Sycamore elementary schools were completed in July. Making smaller elementary schools larger has helped delay the need to build an additional elementary school. This year enrollment is more balanced, meaning all elementary students have equal access to the same enriching curriculum, staff support, and experiences in areas like science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The Avon Board of School Trustees has approved an addition to Pine Tree Elementary (the smallest elementary school) that will be similar in size and scope to the Hickory and Sycamore additions. This project is scheduled for completion in time for the 2023-2024 school year.

Early Learning Center

Avon Schools is required to offer special education services to students beginning at age 3. White Oak Early Learning Center opened in July to support our youngest learners. It now houses all preschool programs under the same roof, freeing up classrooms in our six other elementary schools. White Oak opened with strong enrollment numbers and a waiting list. As renovation nears completion, there will be room to welcome additional students in coming years.

Avon is growing and changing rapidly. We are embracing the challenges and opportunities for growth so all our students can continue to belong, learn and grow.

Tax and Referendum Impact

All recent, current and upcoming projects result in a $0 increase to taxpayers, and use $0 in referendum funds. Avon Schools can finance these projects as existing debt is retired. Funds from the 2018 referendum are restricted to increasing teacher pay, improving class sizes and providing additional support for students. The referendum rate has decreased each year.

District administrators have been planning to provide additional space in which to welcome more students and prepare them for the future.

Investing in Educators

The presence of highly effective teachers is the crucial factor in student learning outcomes. The most effective teachers also require high-quality learning environments in which to educate an increasing number of students. Through job-embedded professional development, collaboration and learning environments, Avon is providing educators with opportunities to excel.

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