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Avon Chamber Members Anticipate a Productive 2022

Writer / Tom Downard, Executive Director, Avon Chamber of Commerce
Photographer / ASH Interactive

The Avon Chamber of Commerce is excited for 2022. As our membership continues to grow, the chamber strives to grow and provide more in member benefits to help strengthen the business community. One thing we have learned from COVID is that the Avon community takes care of one another. The Avon Chamber is proud to be a part of a community in which the Avon School Community Corporation, the Town of Avon, Avon-Washington Township Public Library and Washington Township all work collaboratively through good and bad times to make this a wonderful community to live in.

Avon Chamber

We are excited for all the programs and events that we have in place for 2022. We have rolled out two new programs for our chamber members. We have joined forces with Hendricks Regional Health and UnitedHealthcare to provide a significantly lower-cost health insurance program for our members and their employees. Secondly, we joined forces with Lincoln Financial to provide a 401(k) program for our members and their employees. This program lowers the cost of putting a 401(k) plan in place by using a third-party fiduciary.

Thirdly, the Avon Chamber has joined with the other three chambers of commerce in Hendricks County, as well as Visit Hendricks County, to roll out a new e-commerce site to allow residents to shop locally. The chamber will continue to work side by side with the business community to promote and strengthen our local businesses. Aside from monthly member lunches, we will continue to provide beneficial programming to help businesses grow, learn and prosper. Small businesses (one to 20 employees) make up a large percentage of our membership. The Avon Chamber acts as an additional piece to help promote small businesses. This year, as we have done for several in the past, we will promote Small Business Saturday in the month of November.

Avon ChamberThe Avon Chamber has been involved in many local events in the Avon community. We are excited to be working with Avon and Washington Township parks departments to expand our summer concert series. This year we will be expanding to six concerts from three, and we will be taking advantage of the two fantastic park venues that we have in Avon. As we have done for the last 17 years, the Avon Chamber of Commerce will be presenting the Hendricks County Rib-Fest and the Rib Run. These events continue to grow each year.

Lastly, each November and December the chamber has a poinsettia sale with all proceeds going to the Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry.

The Avon Chamber of Commerce is a member-based organization run by a board of directors who are members of the organization. The board oversees two full-time staff members who run day-to-day operations. If you have any interest in joining this wonderful business-member organization, please feel free to go to our website at avonchamber.org, call our office at 317-272-4333, or email us at info@avonchamber.org.

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