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Author: Michelle


Joined In May 2021

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Michelle 1 Reviews
Feels like home

I’ve been searching for a place to get a great workout in without fearing being judged for my inability to keep up or stretch as far as everyone else. Let’s face it, as a former high school athlete, I’ve been out of the fitness routine for quite some time and that hits hard! I’ve also had a baby and let the many stresses of life get to me. From the first time I entered the studio, I felt welcome and safe. There’s a tight knit family inside of these doors that doesn’t lack the warm welcome feeling when I walk in regardless of the class. Every workout is at your pace with modifications when needed and the instructors go above and beyond to answer questions each time I have them. Thank you for letting me call Rebel “home” and for welcoming me for me exactly as I am!

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