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Restore and Rebalance

Cereset Provides Sound Brain Solutions

Writer / Ryan Kennedy
Photography Provided

CeresetTen years ago, Brenda Hanning’s youngest son was struggling with behavior problems, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

“Despite psychiatric treatment and medicines, he was not improving and could not sleep,” she says. “Eventually I learned about a noninvasive technology that helps people reset their brain so they can achieve restorative sleep. The nearest location at that time was in Chicago. A month after his sessions, he was doing much better and was able to start working on coping skills through therapy.”

Hanning says she was so pleased with her child’s progress that she felt compelled to bring the technology to her community. In 2018 she became a franchise owner of Cereset.

Cereset is the global leader in brain self-restoration with facilities across the United States,” Hanning says. “Our patented BrainEcho technology facilitates the mirroring of a client’s own brain-wave patterns back to themselves.”

She says that unlike neurofeedback, Cereset is not driven by a conscious effort to train the brain or change the brain’s response.

“The Cereset process is driven by the brain itself so it can relax and reset naturally without using human willpower, medicine or outside influences,” Hanning says.

Hanning says people struggling with severe or prolonged stress or trauma can get stuck in the body’s fight-or-flight response. She describes it as a snowball effect.

“The more stress the brain and body accumulate, the stronger the stress reaction, and stronger stress reactions cause more stress to accumulate,” she says. “Sooner or later, this person will be stuck in a constant stress response, even when there are fewer stressors in their life. Cereset helps the brain to break that cycle of stress accumulation and helps the brain remember how to function in a state of flexibility.”

According to Hanning, Cereset’s BrianEcho technology reflects the brain’s own activity back to itself through musical tones.

“The musical tones support the brain to stabilize itself and thus relax,” she says. “When the brain relaxes, it resets itself and imbalances are self-corrected. This is most often seen when one hemisphere is overactive, and a relaxed brain quiets the overactive hemisphere. The client is seated in a relaxing chair with lightweight, comfortable sensors placed on the scalp to read brain rhythms. Most of our clients fall asleep during the sessions. During the sessions the client relaxes with eyes closed in an antigravity chair, which further encourages deep relaxation. There are no drugs or medications ever involved in the Cereset process.”

According to Hanning, most of her clients find the best results with the Cereset wellness package, which includes five sessions averaging 90 minutes each. She says many of her clients have said they experienced results within three weeks of starting sessions.

“Cereset offers individuals, families and the community a highly effective way to help their brain free itself, and enables them to achieve higher levels of well-being and balance,” Hanning says.

Cereset Carmel is located at 160 West Carmel Drive, Suite 186. For more information, call 317-922-7588 or visit cereset.com.


More about Cerest:

Cereset creates a brain echo that assists the brain to re-balance itself.  The human brain responds powerfully to stimulation, especially sound.  Science has proven that acoustic stimulation (sound) provides the greatest influence in and to the brain, much greater than thought, sight or fear.

When stress or trauma is prolonged such as an extended recovery from illness, or grief from the loss of a loved one, the brain moves powerfully to protect us, thereby allowing us to handle the stress and trauma at that moment.  Likewise, when trauma happens in an instant, such as a blow to the head causing a concussion or an immediate major financial loss, the brain also moves to protect itself.  This can cause the brain to become “stuck” or imbalanced after enabling us to get through the traumatic or stressful situation.  There can be long-term repercussions of a brain imbalance causing on-going problems like sleep interruptions, anxiety, depression, dizziness, headaches, digestion issues, high blood pressure, slow thinking and memory issues, loss of relationship capabilities, speech issues, and many others.  These on-going  issues cannot be resolved until the brain is rebalanced.  Though some of these problems may be soothed or lessened using medications or other modalities, they will not be resolved.  The brain drives.  When it is imbalanced, it will not function optimally.  Resolving a brain imbalance causes the symptoms to disappear.

Cereset uses sound to echo the brain back to itself in a very specific manner, so the brain’s hemispheres can balance and harmonize like partners on a dance floor.  Cereset uses sensors placed on the scalp to translate the brain’s patterns to a computer.  The computer identifies where the imbalances exist, as well as where common brain rhythms exist between the two hemispheres.  The computer then quickly sends a sound, reflecting the brain’s dominant frequency.  As the brain hears those sounds, it quickly recognizes it is actually hearing its own echoes, similar to people in a cave or a tunnel calling out “hello” and hearing their own echo.   Similarly, the brain will respond again and again to the frequency and rhythm common to both hemispheres.  Most often when the brain hears its own echo repeated, it self -balances, with the common area between the hemispheres made stronger and more dominant.  When the brain is out of balance and needs help, Cereset can help the brain heal itself.

Checkout Cereset – Carmel Watch Video

Q What is Cereset?

Cereset is a wellness company. The name Cereset is derived from two words, “cerebrum” (brain) and “reset,” describing how we assist the brain to reset itself to restore its natural rhythm and balance. Cereset’s patented BrainEcho technology is safe, proven and highly effective to support anxiety/stress relief, restful sleep, and clear thinking.

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