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Twice Treasured – Plymouth


5.0/51 Reviews

Twice Treasured, Times Two

Local Vendor Malls Foster Entrepreneurialism and Sustainable Practices 

Writer / Angela Cornell
Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Twice TreasuredExperts are saying that the resale industry is the way of the future. According to an annual marketing report by thredUP, an online clothing resale store, more than 36.2 million entrepreneurs began their first resale business in 2021 alone, and most of them will likely be growing their businesses. With the current resale market worth more than $24 billion according to the report, it’s hardly a surprise that experts believe that through the next five years, there will be more than 118.8 million new entrepreneurs joining the industry. thredUP estimates that by 2028, the resale industry will reach a total revenue of $64 billion – all that while saving customers a few bucks they would have spent had they purchased new.

Besides the dangling carrot of the almighty dollar, the resale industry can help make the world more sustainable through reusing, recycling and upcycling. What’s more, resale shopping is just plain fun.

“One out of two customers share that they enjoy the freshness of the items and the constant variety offered in resale,” explains Harriet Thompson, the owner of Twice Treasured and Twice Treasured, Too in Plymouth. “One out of two customers also say that there is an excitement and fun level in not knowing what they will find when they go resale shopping.”

Given these factors, it’s no surprise that Thompson decided to open a vendor mall when the opportunity was presented to her, especially since it would perfectly utilize her multiple degrees. Before 2020, she was a part-time adjunct professor with a Ph.D. in leadership, a master of business administration degree with focuses in marketing and management, master’s degrees in English and psychology, and multiple certifications. 

“I wanted to do something that I enjoy and something that utilized all my experience and education,” she said. “I determined that a vendor mall was the direction to go. This utilizes my knowledge and experience in such a way that I could focus on providing small entrepreneurs and artisans an opportunity to showcase their products in retail space, with retail services provided.”

When a vendor mall on Jefferson Street in Plymouth came onto the market, Thompson decided to go for it.

Twice Treasured“With some consideration and long-term plans, I saw a different vision than the current flea-market model,” she says.

Instead of adopting the “multiple garage sales under one roof” philosophy of many vendor malls, Thompson and her husband, Ken Pearl, decided to turn Twice Treasured into a premier vendor mall that showcases quality items, both pre-owned and new. 

Twice Treasured is located in a large building that has been a vendor mall for many years. Under Thompson’s ownership and the management of Shelby Christeson, the business houses 100-plus booths tended by more than 70 vendors. Shoppers can find all manner of treasures from antiques and collectibles to furniture and decor, to small appliances and lighting. Other stalls have kitchenware, glassware, personal-care items, dolls and toys, instruments, records and more. 

Thompson also saw this as an opportunity to help vendors grow entrepreneurially.

“We ask that the vendors come in at least twice a month to clean, organize and restock their booths,” she says. “We provide our vendors with retail support services.”

It’s not uncommon for vendors to grow in confidence as they learn how best to arrange their booth to catch the most attention, not uncommonly overgrowing their booth and needing more space.

It didn’t take long for Thompson and Pearl to realize they needed more space. Instead of expanding Twice Treasured, they decided to open Twice Treasured, Too across town under the management of Bonnie Hagen. The second location still offers a variety of products along with quality furniture, natural gemstone jewelry, candy, lamps, glassware and home decor – all varying in style from mid-century modern to antique, vintage, rustic and new. There are also several booths that display artisan homemade or upcycled items.

Thompson and Pearl have several big plans for business growth and expansion. One plan is to put in a couple of other businesses under Twice Treasured, Too’s roof. Both will follow along with the store’s master plan to benefit the local entrepreneurial spirit. One business will be a group room with capacity for 15 to 20 people that will be used for small businesses and art classes. 

As for the other business – well, those interested will have to watch the website and social media in order to catch the latest news.

Twice Treasured“It is too soon to announce the other business, but it will create a fun and new experience for customers and entrepreneurs alike,” Thompson says.

Twice Treasured and Twice Treasured, Too have a lot of potential growth and renovations coming up in the next few years. Still, Thompson and Pearl continue to dream big.

“As we grow, we will include additional individuals dedicated to customer service and vendor support,” Thompson says. “The business plan is to grow opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to create a successful small business. As I see it, we are only limited in growth by our willingness to take chances and our ability to dream.”

Twice Treasured is located at 523 East Jefferson Street, and Twice Treasured, Too is located at 2005 Michigan Street, both in Plymouth. Check them out online at twicetreasuredvendorshoppe.com and reach out to them by calling 574-935-5460.

1 Review for Twice Treasured – Plymouth

Barbara 1 Reviews

Loved Twice Treasured. Spent a few hours just looking. I was surprised how many varied items were there. Had the opportunity to speak with Harriet and she was great.

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