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Rochester-Based Spider Beware Prevents Eight-Legged Invaders

Writer / Lois Tomaszewski
Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Spider BewareThere are more than 400 species of spiders in Indiana. If that statistic isn’t enough to scare arachnophobes, consider that most common house spiders live their entire lives indoors. If you’re thinking that your home is not safe from these eight-legged terrors, a local couple makes it their business to protect your home from invasion.

Jason and Kelly Grube, the owners of Spider Beware, specialize in controlling these pests that can often become out of control. According to the owners, and as explained on their website, it all started 20 years ago when Jason, a teenager, grew tired of the chore of keeping his family’s house and boats free of spiderwebs. He developed a way to keep the spiders away and eliminated the need for constant web clearing.

Spider Beware opened in the spring of 2000, and still utilizes some of the methods Jason perfected at his family’s lake house. This experience led to the creation of Spider Beware, a pest control company that focuses on spiders and also aids in the control of ants, flies, gnats, beetles and bees. They do not treat termites, fleas, ticks or bedbugs.

“The state of Indiana requires us to maintain multiple pest control licenses through the Office of Indiana State Chemist,” Jason Grube explains. “We are also required to meet a minimum number of hours of continuing education in order to hold these licenses.”

The chemicals engineered to keep spiders away is sprayed by Spider Beware technicians from a hose that is attached to a tank on a truck. The hose is long enough to reach around most houses. The water-based product does not stain furniture, and any water spots left behind can be easily wiped away, Grube says.

Spider BewareMost species of spiders are not poisonous, but among the species common in Indiana, the black widow and the brown recluse can cause sickness and even fatalities. A spider bite can cause itching, rashes, pain and blisters. Those with allergies can also experience reactions such as sweating, headaches, difficulty breathing, fever or chills, and anxiety. Even more serious injuries can occur, depending on the species.

Spiders can also cause food contamination, just like other pests. The presence of spiders is also a signal that there may be other insects making their home in your residence. Spiders eat other bugs and will be present where food supply is plentiful.

Those who are dealing with spider infestations, or even just an occasional spider sighting, can find relief with the Grubes and their team. The products they use are safe for pets and children.

Before dispatching a team to tackle a homeowner’s spider problem, the homeowner is asked to take a couple of steps to help the process.

“We recommend that you pressure wash your home prior to our first visit,” Grube says. “If that’s not possible, at least clean up the webs, as we do not cover that part.”

Once on site, an assessment is made of the areas of the home that are easiest for spiders to access. Some species of spiders prefer moist environments, such as those found in basements and crawl spaces. Others are attracted to areas that are drier, such as inside air vents, near ceilings and in corners.

“Windows will get some product on them, so we ask you to wait until after the first treatment for cleaning,” Grube explains. “It is important so we can make sure we take care of those areas. After the first round we can lessen the product around windows, but we can’t be sure to get the spiders if we can’t treat the area.”

Treated areas should be left to dry thoroughly before allowing children or pets access, Grube says. The team is trained to quickly apply the treatment, and do so with as little impact on the customer as possible.

“You may not notice that they have been at your home,” Grube says.

The company offers free quotes. The price is based on how much time and chemical will be needed to treat the problem. Other factors that can affect the cost include parking distance, hose reach, and any additional requests by the property owner.

A trained pest control technician is extremely helpful in handling spiders, Grube says.

“Technicians are trained to look for hot spots,” he says. “Spiders like to be warm, which is why they tend to congregate by water. They use the water reflection of the sun as a heat amplifier. Spinning webs in corners or by windows can have the same effect.”

Spider BewareServices provided include a one-time visit or a six-month seasonal application. The business closes in winter, as the chemicals need a specific temperature to work effectively.

“Our product only activates above certain temperatures,” Grube says.

That means they are closed for the winter and their employees get the season off.

There are some things customers can do to minimize the presence of spiders in their home or property. The most important, according to Grube, is to eliminate all the potential hiding places. These include woodpiles, cluttered storage areas and other places that may not be well-maintained.

“Things could be worsened with the addition of large trees to an area, or with overgrown landscaping as well,” Grube says.

The Grubes handle the day-to-day operations, and are assisted by their licensed manager Jeff and a team of technicians. Schedules are arranged factoring in the weather and any other complications that might hinder the effective application of the spider deterrent.

Grube was born and raised on Lake Manitou in Rochester. Kelly is originally from Greentown and has lived in Rochester for almost 20 years. Her role in the company is handling the business management side of the operation.

Contact Spider Beware at 574-223-8900, visit their website at spiderbeware.com, or send an email to info@spiderbeware.com. The business is located at 1495 Wentzel Street in Rochester.

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