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Quack Daddy Donuts Comes to Westfield

Photographer / Eli Beaverson

Quack DaddyGrowing up in small-town Indiana, Andy Arrendale, now owner of Quack Daddy Donuts, occasionally dreamed of one day serving up sweet treats to the public.

“I had always joked about opening an ice cream shop or something in town,” says Arrendale, a native of Swayzee, Indiana. “I remember being little and making a menu.”

Now a resident of Westfield, Arrendale is happy to finally open the new Quack Daddy Donuts franchise location in Westfield’s new Spring Mill Grand Station. Originally founded by Bryan Williams and Lisa DeLey in Pendleton, Quack Daddy Donuts specializes in made-to-order doughnuts, meaning customers get to choose what kind of icing and topping they’d like, right on the spot.

Having lived in Westfield for about nine years now, Arrendale and his wife both work as nurses.

“She works in cardiac transplant at St. Vincent, and I work in dialysis at St. Vincent,” he says.

During a visit to Florida, Arrendale began contemplating the idea of opening his own made-to-order doughnut shop here in Indiana.

“I was down in Florida and came across the made-to-order doughnut concept at a small shop down there,” Arrendale says. “I thought it was a cool idea, and we didn’t really have anything around here like that.”

Arrendale began thinking about opening his own made-to-order doughnut shop in the Carmel-Westfield area, but the idea was quickly squashed by his wife.

“She’s more of the sensible one in the relationship,” he says with a laugh.

Arrendale eventually came in contact with Bryan Williams and Lisa DeLey, who had already found success with the made-to-order concept at Quack Daddy Donuts.

“The owners there came across a small doughnut shop in Florida, wanted to bring the idea back to Pendleton, and they did it,” Arrendale says. “It was the same doughnut shop that I went into. Over the past couple of years we’d been talking about franchising, so that’s where we are now.”

Quack DaddyCustomers can choose from six different icings and 16 different toppings to put on top of their fresh, vanilla cake doughnut.

“It’s something a little different than going in and pointing to a doughnut case, for doughnuts that may have been sitting out most of the day,” Arrendale says. “All of these are fresh, coming off the fryer. The icing is going to be warm too. One of our more popular doughnuts is the maple bacon, which has maple icing with crumbled bacon on top. One of my favorites is the chocolate with a peanut butter drizzle.”

In addition to the standard vanilla cake doughnut base, Quack Daddy Donuts also occasionally throws different cake flavors into the mix.

“On a Friday or Saturday, we’ll do strawberry, chocolate or blueberry cake doughnuts, in addition to the regular vanilla cake doughnuts,” Arrendale says. “Pumpkin can be a popular choice in the fall time as well.”

For any customers looking for an extra caffeine boost in the morning, Arrendale says there will be fresh coffee on the menu.

“We’ll be partnering with Indie Coffee Roasters out of Carmel,” Arrendale says. “They’re a local roaster, and they’ll be providing all the beans for our hot drip coffee. We’ll have a nitro cold brew and a few espresso drinks as well.”

When it comes to the business’s location in Westfield, Arrendale sees Spring Mill Grand Station as an excellent fit.

“Being a Westfield resident, I know firsthand how Westfield is growing,” Arrendale says. “It’s a great place to be, and ultimately that’s where I wanted to be located.”

Quack DaddyOutside of making delicious treats, the leaders at Quack Daddy Donuts hope to immerse the business in the Westfield community.

“The slogan of Quack Daddy Donuts is, ‘It’s not just about the doughnuts,’” Arrendale says. “Wherever they are, they want to be a fabric of the community. They want to be able to give back to the community, partnering with different programs and schools.”

A father of two, Arrendale and his family look forward to building relationships with their Westfield neighbors while they come by the store to munch on delicious doughnuts.

“I look forward to meeting people when they come in and making connections with the community,” Arrendale says. “I look forward to kids coming in and seeing them grow through elementary and high school. We’ll get involved [in the community] as much as we can, which will be really cool.”

Quack Daddy Donuts is located at 16156 Spring Mill Road Suite 500 in Westfield. To learn more about Quack Daddy Donuts, be sure to visit QuackDaddyDonuts.com.

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