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Pro Paint & Finish


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Nice Finish

Pro Paint & Finish Shines On 

Writer / Amy Lant-Wenger
Photographer / Kari Lipscomb

Pro Paint & FinishImagine the somewhat unlikely odds of crossing paths with someone who can say that they’ve traveled halfway around the world to pursue a dream.

There is such a person ensconced in the midst of Elkhart County – a business owner who spent years perfecting his trade. Adeeb Kupty, an entrepreneur and owner of an established business based in Goshen, has come a very long way to create the gilded reputation that has established the foundation of Pro Paint & Finish.

Pro Paint & Finish has been a mainstay of local commerce for more than 20 years, specializing in a broad range of painting and drywall contracting. They have the Best painters Grand Prairie that are prepared to handle projects ranging from a modest home painting job all the way up to large-scale construction work. They are fully equipped to work in new or existing construction, from residential to commercial.

While sitting down for a chat with Kupty, it becomes very evident that his expertise is not only highly reputable, but also very much in demand. His cell phone is just within reach, and consistently hums and pings with activity. Even while he’s home, grabbing a quick meal at his kitchen table, he is never quite off the clock. This fact makes the rise of Pro Paint & Finish all the more fascinating.

Kupty arrived in America back in 1998, with a goal of continuing higher education immersed in biblical studies. However, he was aware of the practicality of finding employment. Emboldened by a sense of responsibility, Kupty sought to raise his profile in the community by making connections, scoping out potential job opportunities and building his resume.

“I was a company of one,” Kupty says of his early days starting the business. “My first paint sprayer was a rental, and I was using my personal vehicle to take on side jobs.” As his singular workforce became stronger, his confidence propelled him into visiting more sites and stores. Slowly, Kupty was tasked with larger projects, such as multifamily housing. He began to appreciate that this vision was transforming itself into a means to support his family, and he was willing to go the distance.

Pro Paint & FinishKupty decided to enroll in a series of business courses to continue building on his proficiency in painting. “I began painting as a way to support my family,” he says. “I wanted to do something to help us financially, and to build a life for ourselves.”

Word of Kupty’s talents and work ethic took hold quickly, and a full-fledged business venture was born. In addition to providing a full spectrum of painting and drywalling options, Pro Paint & Finish has added other services along the way including power washing, home remodel accents, exterior house painting, wallpaper removal and application, color consultation, intumescent paint coating, and industrial air vacuum cleaning. The staff of just one has grown to approximately 20 employees.

Pro Paint & Finish offers free estimates, promising a swift turnaround time for cost projections. Transparency and honesty are some of the bedrocks of the business. “If we say something, we do it,” Kupty says. He also encourages clients to reach out to him at any time as questions arise. He also makes it a priority to be mindful of the client’s surroundings, and instills that standard in his employees as well.

“We respect people’s properties as we work on their projects,” he says. “We promise to respect their belongings, and we keep communication open and clear. We like to know their expectations.”

Pro Paint & Finish is now accepting customers and opportunities throughout northern Indiana and extreme southwestern Michigan. To inquire about services, the business can be contacted at 574-596-3072. The company has a detailed website at propaintandfinish.com, and prospective clients can submit a form with questions and requests for specific needs. The website also features job openings, a gallery of photographs of finished projects, and the various awards and endorsements the business has received throughout 20 years of operation.

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