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Exploring the Unexplained

New Show Tackles Local Stories of the Paranormal

Writer / Renee Larr
Photography Provided
Paranormal X Road

Hosts of Paranormal X Roads KJ McGlinn and Kitsie Duncan.

Losing a loved one is an unfortunate part of life. Some people claim to feel their loved ones communicating with them even after they’ve died. A new, all-female show called “Paranormal X Road” aims to help bring peace to alleged paranormal experiences.

Kitsie Duncan and KJ McGlinn co-host “Paranormal X Road.” Duncan is an author, writer, producer, director and paranormal researcher. McGlinn is a local radio personality who uses her voice to help the local community. Tiffany Rice, a spirit medium, rounds out the cast.

“In the first episode, I had some things happening in my home,” McGlinn says. “I was pretty sure it was my grandmother coming through. I don’t want to give too much away, but it ended up being way more than just my grandmother communicating with me.”

Being an all-female show was essential to both women.

“First and foremost – girl power,” Duncan says. “I believe females, in general, are a little more empathetic. I feel like the female energy helps the spirits communicate. Paranormal shows are all over television. I feel like it’s time for an all-female team. We’ve gone into homes of people we don’t know and received messages that we don’t necessarily understand, but it makes complete sense to the homeowner. That’s been pretty cool. We understand how meaningful it is to them.”

McGlinn, an Indianapolis resident, felt compelled to put the normal in the paranormal, as she says.

“When I moved to Indy, it was really a last-ditch effort,” McGlinn says. “To be here 20-plus years later in a community that I love, seeing them embrace this new show, is just amazing. I feel like the community trusts in me, and that was important for this show.”

The duo funded the show through a Kickstarter campaign, meeting their goal in just three days.

“The beauty about Kickstarter is the person who gave $5 has the same effect as the person who donated $500,” McGlinn says. “It’s all or nothing, which is terrifying. If you don’t hit your goal, you get nothing.”

Duncan’s vision for the show is to help as many people as she can and provide a sense of comfort.

“I got into this because I was missing my dad,” Duncan says. “Bringing these people peace has been magical. I want to help people all over the world.”

Duncan and McGlinn are hopeful for a second season, to bring even more paranormal stories.

“Right now we’re just enjoying the show airing,” Duncan says. “We’re really hopeful we can create a second season with an even bigger budget so we can help even more people.”


While Season 1 is almost done filming, KJ & Kitsie continue to be available to assist homeowners experiencing the paranormal or just hoping to make a connection with a loved one who’s passed. A contact form is available through their website.

The show airs locally on WNDY-TV 23 on Saturdays at midnight, and on YouTube. For more information, visit paranormalcrossroad.com.


Checkout Paranormal X Road Watch Video

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