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Intelligent Living Solutions


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Intelligent Living Solutions Makes Running Your Home or Office Easier and More Efficient

Writer / Julie Yates
Photographer / Krystal Dailey

Imagine walking through the door after a long day at work. Instantly, lamps emit the perfect amount of light, the fireplace starts up and strains of music are heard. Spirits can’t help but rise as smart home technology designed by Intelligent Living Solutions makes life easier, safer and energy efficient.Intelligent Living Solutions

In smart homes, programs are put in place to make things happen systematically, but features can be interacted with and adjusted in a moment. Movement and the sound of conversation are sensed in each room to initiate as much or as little automation as the homeowner wants. It’s not just for new construction; an older house or business can easily be converted to offer technical solutions to practical aspects of a home. Intelligent Living Solutions owner Dan Killinger started the business in 2013, but roots for it began while he was growing up.

“My dad was an electrical engineer, and I grew up playing with tech gadgets. I put an alarm system in my room as a kid. I became a landscape architect and owned a landscape and pool business. After designing outdoor spaces for clients that included televisions and speakers plus automated swimming pool lights, heaters and waterfalls, people asked me to automate the inside of their houses,” Killinger says.

The business progressed from there, and today Killinger works with builders, carpenters, remodelers and even senior living advisors so clients can age in place. Every smart home plan is unique to each individual customer. For instance, an office building may have a conference room that is only used a few times a week. A plan can be put into place for HVAC and lighting systems to turn on during meeting times, but individuals can adjust the systems in the room any other time as well.

Clients may have an idea of what they would like to automate, but to truly grasp what is possible, a visit to Intelligent Living Solutions Experience Center is necessary. An appointment is needed to book a 60-minute session to view what has been referred to as ‘Disney Land for adults.’ The space, located at 85 East Cedar Street in the Village, is set up to a show what can be done in rooms typically found in a home.

Intelligent Living SolutionsThe brains of the system, which control different modules, are located inside the building. It knows where it is on earth and so lights come on and shades rise and lower at just the right times. Likewise, precipitation and soil moisture are measured, so irrigation operates only when needed.

As visitors to the Discovery Center move through the house, they encounter automation that encompasses personal safety, security, energy savings and aspects that enhance quality of life by making tasks easier. Homeowners are alerted when their mailbox is opened and can they tell who has entered the house by the individual codes assigned to people such as house cleaners or dog walkers.

Continuing inside, an alarm goes off and a text is sent if a water leak is detected. Lights and other control switches are discretely embedded in the décor. Television can be watched in the shower and at night, low level lighting in the bathroom comes on when motion is detected.

There are other security benefits that aid young families all the way to seniors. One option is cabinets for cleaning chemicals or liquor that can only be unlocked through a phone app. In addition, secret doors are hidden by bookshelves and there are spaces behind paintings. Audio speakers are installed behind drywall, making them invisible. Aging family members can have soft lighting that emits when their feet touch the floor at night and relatives can be notified if there is no motion within certain periods of time.

“If something has internet or an electrical connection, we can integrate it. There is no one size fits all. Most people don’t know all the possibilities. The Experience Center shows them what a smart home can do and then they can tailor the ideas for what they want,” Killinger says.Intelligent Living Solutions

Intelligent Living Solutions is located at 85 East Cedar Street in Zionsville. You can reach them at 317-942-0502 or by visiting www.intelligentlivingindy.com.

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