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Heritage Backyards


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Structural Integrity 

Heritage Backyards Brings Unwavering Quality to the Shed Business

Writer / Lois Tomaszewski
Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Heritage BackyardsPeople accumulate stuff. That is a fact, and often there is a need to find more places to store stuff that has accumulated over time. If this scenario sounds familiar, buying a quality, locally built storage shed from Heritage Backyards of Plymouth is the solution.

The storage sheds built buy Heritage Backyards are designed to each customers specifications, according to Owner Calvin Schlabach. Having previously worked in the recreational vehicle industry, he started the business in 2017. He became acquainted with someone else offering similar buildings, and that person served as a mentor and helped get the business started locally. 

The highest percentage of our customers simply need more storage space,” Schlabach says. Some people use our sheds for a garage, a she-shed, or an out-of-the-house office space.”

The Heritage Backyards website also suggests other uses for storage sheds. These buildings can be used as art or craft studios, hangouts for pets, children’s playhouses or even chicken coops.

There are many additional possible uses for sheds like these, Schlabach says. The potential is only limited by the customers imagination and needs.

Every storage shed can be customized if needed. For example, a shed intended for anything other than storage may need to be insulated and paneled. The exterior design is also open to the customers design tastes. The customer chooses the roof type, building dimensions and personalized features. 

Customers also have the choice of more than 25 paint colors and two colors of stain for the shed siding, as well as 12 colors of vinyl siding and five colors of metal siding. Shingles for the roof come in eight different colors, and there are 12 color choices for a metal roof. 

Three different building styles with three different cladding styles are available including barn style, shed style with an overhang, and shed style without an overhang. There are also three different types of cladding materials available, and the ability to match the paint color of the shed to other buildings on the site. However, if you need cladding installer a good company like this cladding installers Melbourne specializes in the design and installation of a range of compliant and non-combustible aluminum cladding systems for interior and external applications. Their commitment to customer service is reflected in the high standard of all their completed projects.

Matching the paint color of the new shed to the existing exterior paint on other buildings is a frequent request, Schlabach says. Heritage Backyards uses Sherwin-Williams paints and can color-match to most finishes. 

A new, designer metal siding style has been added to the many options customers have. This style mimics wood but is manufactured out of steel, making it maintenance-free. It has four stock colors and comes with seven-layer protection.

Heritage BackyardsOther choices that make each shed unique to each customer involve the type of windows, overhead door, and door design. Upgraded features include an interior wall on the cottage design option, interior and exterior lights, a porch and railing, a work bench, shelves, a workplace heater, or air conditioning.

People can be creative with their choices, adding various upgrades to the building including a loft. Each shed, however, comes with the assurance that top-of-the-line materials are offered, such as seamless, triple-layered rubber flooring, a radiant heat barrier to keep the interior of the shed cool, and the use of spruce framing lumber instead of pine in the construction. 

Heritage Backyard provides enhanced construction practices for each shed it constructs. For example, the floor joists used in their buildings are double the industry standard, resulting in the company claim that these floors are the stiffest in the industry. Wall studs, floor joists and roof rafters are set at every 16” instead of the typical 24” with the addition of hurricane ties securing the walls and roof together.

Close attention to the details means adding a Heritage Backyard storage shed can enhance a property, according to Schlabach. He says Heritage Backyards is not a company to cut corners.

The quality of the materials used, and how it is put together, is what we focus on,” he says. We like to build a building that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is sturdy construction.”

Each shed is built at the companys Ligonier location, which ensures that each build meets the quality standards in place. It also means the wait time between the custom order and finished shed is minimal, and that any customizations can be efficiently implemented. 

Storage sheds can be custom built at Heritage Backyards or on-site. Currently, there is a four-week wait on custom orders. Customers can also visit the retail location and purchase a shed already completed from the lot. 

Heritage BackyardsSchlabach says services offered with each shed include free delivery and site setup. When a shed is delivered, the site is prepared using a multistep process. This includes leveling the site, adding a gravel or concrete pad, and even trimming the landscaping to fit the shed into the desired location. 

Heritage Backyards serves customers within a 50-mile radius of Plymouth.

Customers typically do some preparation for the sheds arrival, Schlabach says. This includes making sure there is a place to unload the shed and clearing a path to get it to the desired location. Any permits to comply with codes and regulations should be in place.

Those who are looking for a storage shed and want to find out more can call and request a quote, or stop by the retail lot at 12131 U.S. Highway 6 in Plymouth. A quote can also be requested online. Call 574-230-8927, email plymouth@heritagebackyards.com, or visit heritagebackyards.com.

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