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Great Heirloom Seeds, Great Harvest

New Kitchen Store

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Get Creative With Your Seeding Approach in the Garden This Spring

Story Provided by New Kitchen Store

Each year during the cold, dreary days of winter, professional and novice gardeners begin to make plans for the new growing season. Organized gardeners likely keep records of what they planted the previous year. Some even record how well the plants did, and where in the garden the plants were situated. They typically pull out those records and start to make decisions about what they are going to plant in the spring.

Heirloom SeedsThey might think about what was successful the year before, and what did not do so well. They might also think about crop rotation, and where they will be putting various vegetables this year. They will also pull out a seed catalog and start combing the pages, making lists of everything they want to try this year – or if not this year, then maybe in the years to come.

At New Kitchen Store we carry a limited variety of seeds. If you come in to the store or call us, we take orders for heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Johnny’s Selected Seeds. If you order your seeds through us we even offer a discount.

But why choose heirloom seeds?

There are many reasons to choose heirloom seeds over other kinds of seeds. Heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, which means you can save your own seed to replant from year to year. This is not possible with regular seeds that are often genetically modified – these seeds will not yield positive results, and will lead to disappointment.

Heirloom SeedsVegetables grown from heirloom seeds have exceptional flavor and offer more nutrition than those grown from genetically modified seeds. Many vegetables available at grocery stores, such as tomatoes, are genetically modified. They are specifically bred to be picked and shipped to stores while still green, and then gas-ripened. These types of tomatoes have little flavor. Heirloom, vine-ripened, home-grown tomatoes just taste better.

Heirloom varieties also offer higher nutrition. The genetically modified varieties found at local stores are designed for higher yield. Heirloom varieties may not yield as much, but what you lose in quantity you gain in quality.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of growing heirloom vegetables from heirloom seeds. 

In addition to vegetables, you can also plant flowers from heirloom seeds. Many flowers are edible and offer not only a different taste to your cooking, but also a different appearance. We at New Kitchen Store not only carry several cookbooks on the use of edible plants and flowers, but we also offer an edible flowers eating class. 

Whether you choose to simply plant heirloom vegetables, or broaden your horizon into edible flowers as well, we at New Kitchen Store are happy to help with the selection and ordering of heirloom seeds.

New Kitchen Store is the largest kitchen supply store in Michiana. Come visit us at 330 Liberty Street in Walkerton. For more information, call 574-586-2745 or check out our website at NewKitchenStore.com.

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