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Got Your Back

Community Chiropractic Helps Clients Through a Wide Range of Services

Writer / Jamie Hergott
Photography Provided

Community ChiropracticDr. Vicki Danis is extremely passionate about her work providing chiropractic care and acupuncture. Often her work is misunderstood as simply cracking necks and causing pain with needles, and she wants to set the record straight.

“Chiropractic care is really about making your body work better,” Danis says. “There are very gentle ways to adjust patients, and it’s always to the patient’s comfort level.”

Danis owns and operates Community Chiropractic in Avon, with an easygoing personality and genuine love for her job. She opened her full-service office in June of 2009, making this her twelfth year in Avon. She and her doctors offer acupuncture, chiropractic care, pediatric chiropractic care, pregnancy chiropractic care, and nutritional support.

What sets her apart from others is that her office is the only all-female chiropractic office in Hendricks County. While much of her client base is female, her particular niche is pregnancy and pediatric care, although she sees men and children as well.

“We take care of everyone,” Danis says. “You do not have to be a female to be in our office. We take a well-rounded approach to everyone’s care here.”

Many clients come in during their gestational period or if they’re having postpartum issues. Danis also works with newborns who have issues like colic, torticollis, ear infections or tongue-tie issues. She treats children and adults with sleep concerns, scoliosis, and many other issues due to injuries, posture and age.

Three years ago she added acupuncture to her list of services, to better serve clients.

“It’s really a great adjunct to what we already do here,” Danis says. “It offers patients a different level of comfort and care. I understand not everyone is comfortable with the chiropractic approach.”

Danis says in general, her philosophy is very preventive, and the idea is to make clients’ bodies work better.

“Your body is a well-oiled machine,” Danis says. “We also know it can be temperamental. I always compare it to a car. You know when the car is not working properly and needs to be checked out. Bodies are a similar type of thing.”

Stiffness, soreness and pain are all ways the body communicates that something is not working the way it should. Her treatment and recommendations for life outside of the office are designed to get bodies functioning better for the long term.

“Every person gets a custom, tailored plan,” Danis says. “It’s not the same for everyone. Our care is conservative.”

Community ChiropracticDanis sees clients from all over Indianapolis, and some from as far as Noblesville and Beech Grove. A doctor’s referral is not needed for an appointment. First appointments usually last about one hour. Danis goes over health history, discusses concerns, finds out what activities are bothersome, and even addresses the patient’s hesitations about chiropractic care.

“We do adjust at the first visit, assuming that’s what you want,” Danis says. “It is completely understandable for you to have concerns coming here, based on the fanatical cracking you see on TV, TikTok and the movies. I assure you, light pressure can get great results.”

Her first priority is always educating the patient. Danis is passionate when it comes to teaching people how their bodies work, and how they’re supposed to work. She says it’s a common myth that people will feel better after just one appointment.

“You didn’t get this way in one day,” she says of patients’ issues. “You can’t go to the gym one time and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It takes time to reach a level of improvement. We use acupuncture, and sometimes even an herbology and herbalist approach, to get your body to do what it’s supposed to more rapidly or safely without getting medications.”

In Danis’ experience, primary medical practitioners are not always acquainted with nutritional therapy or non-pharmaceutical herbal therapy. She says there are many options, as every person’s biological chemistry is different. She loves the process of getting to know her patients and figuring out what may work for them.

“I geek out on this stuff,” Danis says. “I love that I get to treat an enormous amount of different types of people.”

She sees everything from post-oncology patients to the sore back of a 95-year-old to a tongue-tied newborn. She feels there is not much she can’t help with her methods. Often, her office is a client’s last resort before considering surgery for a problem.

If she can’t help, she has no problem helping patients determine their best course of action and referring them out of her office.

“Some things are so broken down, there’s no coming back from that,” Danis says.

Community ChiropracticDanis knew she wanted to be a doctor from the time she was 2 years old. In high school, she began exploring different areas of medicine. She determined she did not want to be a medical doctor because of the extensive schooling. She wanted a specialty that involved a sound education, and also one that would allow her to start her career in a timely manner. She considered optometry, ophthalmology, podiatry, dentistry and even veterinary work. She finally shadowed her own chiropractor one day, and loved what she saw.

“I got a beautiful view of all the different things he can help patients with,” Danis says. “Migraines, high blood pressure, foot pain, shoulder pain, etcetera.”

Danis herself has seen a chiropractor since she was 12 years old. Her mom went regularly and Danis thought it looked fun, so she began going too. Even now she sees a chiropractor twice per month, and even sees the doctors in her office on occasion.

“I don’t know what it’s like to have a life of pain,” Danis says. “I just get it fixed. Why wouldn’t I utilize the tools I have? This is what I preach to my patients every single day.”

Danis is always learning from her patients, and she loves building relationships with them. From hunters to teenage athletes to new moms, Danis loves teaching and empowering clients to feel better and live their best lives.

“I really do love my job,” Danis says. “It doesn’t feel like work to me. I come here, we have fun and I love all of my patients. I love helping people who want to help themselves.”

Community Chiropractic is located at 7651 East U.S. Highway 36 in Avon. For more info, call 317-272-7988 or visit communitychiroavon.com.

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