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Ryan Diem Launches Garbage Bin Cleaning Service

Writer / Julie Yates
Photographer / Eli Beaverson

Bin ScrubBeing a business owner or homeowner is an accomplishment, but it does have a few unglamorous aspects. One unfortunate reality of owning a house or company is that garbage bins get dirty. No matter how careful families or individuals try to be, trash bags tear or leak, and the result is a gunky, smelly mess. Ryan Diem became aware of specialized trucks that tackle the problem and saw the potential for bringing Bin Scrub, a garbage bin cleaning service, to northside Indianapolis.

If the name Ryan Diem sounds familiar, it’s because he played for the Indianapolis Colts for 11 seasons during the Peyton Manning era. As an offensive lineman, he was a crucial part in driving the Colts to a 2007 Super Bowl win. During that period, the team’s offensive line was rated as number one in the National Football League.

Diem’s football career began at Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, Illinois. He went on to attend Northern Illinois University where he studied mechanical engineering. He served as captain of the football team and was awarded All American status. During his senior year he was also an Academic All American. In 2001 he was drafted by the Colts and continued to play in Indianapolis until his retirement from football in 2012.

After a career that surpassed my wildest expectations, the stars aligned for my retirement,” Diem says. “It seemed like the right time. My contract was up, Peyton Manning and the Colts leadership had been let go and the team was being dismantled, plus my wife Julie was pregnant with our twins. I was able to make a nice clean break and walked away with my health. During the years I played for the Colts, my family and I put down roots and made a lot of friendships in Indianapolis. We chose to stay in Zionsville, and we’re happy to be part of the community.”

After leaving the Colts, Diem became involved in several business interests in the tech, commercial real estate and sanitation sectors. Bin Scrub is a service business that cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes garbage and recycling bins, and dumpsters for homeowners, neighborhoods, management companies, restaurants, apartments and commercial properties. The company, located on Zionsville Road, fits in well with Diem’s other business interests.

“Stuff gets stuck to the bottom of all trash bins,” he says. “The residue is a breeding ground for bacteria and attracts pests such as rodents, flying insects and their larvae. In warm weather it starts smelling. It’s just disgusting. The last thing anyone wants to do is clean them out. I heard about the specialized trucks that take care of the problem and I started pursuing it in 2019. The trucks have a lifting mechanism that turns the bins upside down over high pressure rotating nozzles. The ecofriendly process utilizes extremely hot, 230-degree, high-pressure water to kill germs, clean and sanitize. The wastewater is collected by the truck and all that’s left behind are the clean bins. Each bin is wiped dry and treated with a light odor neutralizer to keep the container smelling fresh. We started cleanings in early 2020 and we are up to three trucks in our fleet.”

Bin ScrubResidential customers have several different plans to choose from. One-time service is available but prepaid, scheduled options are more cost effective. Prices are listed on the company’s website for monthly, bimonthly and quarterly service, and vary according to the number of bins cleaned.

Scheduled cleanings are the most economical choice. The monthly package that includes cleanings of two trash bins 12 times a year costs $279. Bimonthly service for two bins is $169 while quarterly is $129. A one-time cleaning for two bins costs $49.

Bin ScrubCustomers who buy packages can keep track of their cleaning schedule via the portal on Bin Scrub’s website. After logging in with their username and password, they can make secure payments, view cleaning schedules and keep track of cleaning history. In addition, the friendly office staff is glad to assist customers and answer any of their questions.

Diem and his wife have organized and hosted many different fundraisers for pediatric cancer research over the past 15 years. Bin Scrub was involved in their latest effort as a corporate sponsor. This spring, Strike Out Cancer raised more than $70,000 to benefit Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. In the future, Bin Scrub looks forward to giving back to the community by supporting other events.

“We haven’t come across bins that don’t need a cleaning yet,” Diem says. “We are here to help our residential and commercial customers keep their homes and garbage bins clean and smelling good. It’s easy to sign up for the service on our website and the service itself is contact free.”

Bin Scrub serves the Indianapolis northside area including the northern suburbs, Geist area, and as far west as Brownsburg.

Bin Scrub is located at 8425 Zionsville Road in Indianapolis. Visit BinScrub.com for service sign-up. Call or text 317-798-0000 or email info@BinScrub.com for more info.

Checkout Bin Scrub – Indianapolis Watch Video

Q What areas do you service?

Our fleet of mobile on-site cleaning trucks will come to you! Our affordable service is available to the north side of Indy, Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers, Brownsburg, Whitestown, & Noblesville!

Bin Scrub's fleet of specially built trucks will come to your home and kill odor causing germs on and inside your garbage and recycling bins at your curb. The eco-friendly process uses extremely hot high pressure water to steam clean and strip the grime out of the bins and into the waste collection hopper on the trucks to be taken offsite for proper processing. After cleaning is complete, the bin is treated with a mild odor neutralizer to keep them fresh until the next service. The only thing left behind are clean fresh smelling bins.

Plans, pricing and sign up on our website! www.binscrub.com

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