Tips For a Successful Job Interview

Looking to get employment, make an impression, get a leg up on the job that you want?

Well, Let’s start a conversation — the giving and receiving of information.

How that information is received is what will determine whether you get the job or not.

In today’s competitive world communication is the key. Communication begins when you walk in the door and hold out your hand with a smile on your face and a quick introduction of yourself. It begins with how you are waiting in the chair to meet your interviewer. Are you sitting up straight or slouching? Are you sitting with your legs crossed or up underneath you? How are you dressed? Are you dressed in a wrinkle-free dress shirt or blouse with neatly pressed pants or a skirt? Or are you wearing jeans with designer rips and tears? Are you clean?

Notice, so far not a word has been said aloud but a lot of communication has been expressed.

A judgment call is being made before you can present your well-organized resume and prove how clever your conversation skills are. Don’t handicap yourself. Set up that first three-second impression to be a good one.

So now you’ve gotten your foot into the office door. You’ve been offered a seat and have taken it.

Let the interviewer start the conversation and ask the questions. That person wants to get to know who you are and how you will mix with the group of people that are already in the workplace. That person will ask you the questions and test your skills by your responses.

Don’t try to take control or dominate the conversation with long answers and too much information.

Remember you are also learning about them as well. Are you the right person for this position? Do you really want to work for this company? Interviews are for actively listening and asking smart questions. Know before you arrive, your basic needs. Do they offer insurance? Bonuses? Vacation time? Paid sick days? Pay raises? How often will you be reviewed? What are their expectations of you?  You want to create an atmosphere of “we.” Be a team member.

It is important to add that the interview process is a give and take process. Don’t lie about your abilities. Lying cheats you and them and when you lose trust, you lose validation and your voice. Everything you say will be questioned from that point on. So don’t do it. Not on your resume or while answering any questions. Remember employers will check social media. Ask the question, would you hire me? Stand before a mirror and ask the following questions:

  1. How do I project myself?
  2. Can I value myself and others?
  3. Where do I belong and fit in?
  4. What do I need to learn to be successful here?
  5. How do I create value to this opportunity?

An employer is looking to you to relieve them of the task at hand, not babysit you.

Practice interviewing with friends before the real deal. After all, how do you get better at anything? Practice. Practice. Practice.

The three-second impression: listen and respond, redirect if you have a question, sell yourself, not short and not unrealistically.

Conversation is key, and your ability to converse will allow you so many opportunities.

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