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J-Town-Based DC Timing Gets Results 

Photography Provided

In 2002, DC Timing Founder David Flaugher saw the need for new technology in race timing for cross country and track and field. 

Flaugher bought the FinishLynx timing system and taught himself to use it, along with a friend from Frankfort.

DC Timing

“I had kids running track and field, and no one else was using this locally,” he says. “The technology evolved. That was square one. We evolved to scholastic events, for high school, state and college meets. Our other big sport is cross country. We were one of the first to learn the equipment.”

DC Timing handles timing for the 5K race during Jeffersontown’s annual Gaslight Festival, and 32 road and trail races. 

“We are out timing about 160 days per year,” Flaugher says.

Flaugher met twins Madison and McKenzie Browning when they were runners as sophomores at Assumption High School. 

“They came by an event to learn,” he says, adding that by the time the twins were seniors they were helping him out.

Madison says the company handles timing for scholastic track and cross country three to seven days per week, from August through November, and track events from March through June. The team also times road and trail races on weekends when track starts, in addition to local 5K and 10K races.

When the DC team isn’t at events, they are in the company’s Jeffersontown office working together on projects. 

DC Timing

McKenzie says she learned a lot from working at the company during college, and her goal is to continue to work with the company in a marketing capacity. She markets races, works with sponsors, and manages emails. 

“I want to take it to its full potential,” she says. “I see a lot of potential with the technology. We can do bike, kayak and paddleboard races. The opportunities are endless. I’m excited to see where we go in the next five to 10 years.”

McKenzie adds that the photo-finish technology used by DC Timing is similar to what Churchill Downs uses for the Kentucky Derby, with the same type of finish-line cameras.

“They use 1,000 frames per second – small pictures,” Flaugher says. “We time 300,000 people a year.” 

Madison, the company’s primary timer, says races may “look like neck and neck, but behind the camera are inches apart.”

“David and I operate systems and apply time, and McKenzie does marketing, data entry and assigns numbers,” she adds. “In track season there’s also high jump, long jump and shot put. Results are posted immediately for athletes and spectators, so any problems can be researched immediately.”

DC Timing offers free entry to their races for local partners, and handles pickup packets and registration.

Radio frequency technology is used by the company, with photo-finish images. Runner tags and bibs pass over readers, and cameras are used with software. The company then merges and separates individuals, and can also score teams if needed.

“It’s one of the most challenging fields – it used to be two weeks to get results by mail, and now it’s displayed on the scoreboard in seconds,” Flaugher says.

DC Timing

DC Timing is also using eco-friendly solar power. 

“We want to be green, and be good citizens,” Flaugher says, adding that the company is also working on going paperless. “It’s real near and dear to all three of our hearts. It’s imperative – not just to get a headline, but also important. “

In 2015 DC Timing began using a solar-powered trailer at finish lines. Madison says the company encourages practices that are beneficial to the environment, including cup recycling, and composting of banana and orange peels.

“We want to encourage carpools, give benefits, and reuse water bottles – things to be more conscious,” she says. “We’re grateful to tell our story, and that people are interested.”

For more info on DC Timing, call 502-664-7427 and visit dcracetiming.com

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