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Matt Goodin Fashions His Own Custom Design Business

Photographer / Amy Payne

Matt Goodin is on a mission to redefine the meaning of custom design.

“I think we all have a perception that custom has to mean expensive, and that’s not the case,” Goodin says. “Custom just means you get to make it what you want, and because it’s custom, you get to control a lot of the cost.”

Matt Goodin

After starting out with projects around his home, Goodin has since launched his own design business, specializing in custom, handmade furniture and artwork. Working out of his home workshop in Zionsville, Goodin has crafted items such as custom trim, accent walls, small furniture and more.

Having lived in Zionsville for three years, Goodin and his wife reside in a production home, which led to Goodin’s fascination with custom woodwork and design.

“I live in a production home, and my wife works for a production builder,” he says. “You’re always looking for some way to separate yourself and make your home unique. With Instagram, Etsy and Pinterest, I think there are just so many of those ideas out there.”

After losing his job due to the coronavirus pandemic, Goodin decided it was time to pursue his design work more seriously.

“I was kind of joking with someone the other day,” he says. “I’m almost 40 years old, and it took me that many years and losing my job about six months ago to find out what I really wanted to do with my life. I’ve always done some things on the side. Once I lost my job with COVID, I was talking to my wife and we figured, ‘If you’re ever going to give it a go and try to do this as a full-time business, now is the time to do it.’”

Matt Goodin

Thanks to social media, Goodin says word has gotten out organically about the work he does.

“I started with an Instagram account, and that’s where the business side took off,” he says. “I don’t have a website. It’s really just all word of mouth, where I post things I’ve done in the past at my house.”

When an interested customer approaches Goodin with a design proposal, he likes to maintain an open and honest dialogue, in hopes of creating a great product at a reasonable price.

Matt Goodin

“I talk to a customer and get a feel for what they like,” he says. “With social media, they’ve tagged things on Pinterest or Instagram that they like. We either come up with an idea that is recreating something, or we take an idea that they like, but maybe they want to change the colors or the design – something that makes it custom to them.”

Goodin says he couldn’t be happier to call Zionsville home for his business.

“The town has done a really great job of developing Zionsville in a responsible way, where it’s grown but they haven’t sold out the character of the town,” he says. “I really hope that never changes.”

Those interested in contacting Goodin can reach him on Instagram (@mattgoodindesign), or via email at mattgoodindesign@gmail.com.

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