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Virtual Fundraiser to Benefit Lions Park

Photography Provided

bricksThe Zionsville Lions Club (ZLC) is paving the way for many future generations to be able to enjoy Lions Club Park. The entrance to the Lions Club Park is adorned with bricks that have fallen into disrepair, and the ZLC is hosting a virtual fundraiser to replace and repair the bricks.

“A lot of the tree roots have deteriorated the surface,” says Tim Reinhart, ZLC board member. “Due to that, the bricks are uneven and they need to be pulled out. The surface needs to be smoothed out and corrected so we have a nice base. We thought this would be an opportune time to do a fundraiser and put the bricks back in better condition than they are currently. We thought we’d kill two birds with one stone.”

The current bricks were installed in the mid-1990s during a similar fundraiser.

The club’s Fall Festival, its largest fundraiser, was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“About 75% of our profit or revenue comes from the Fall Festival and Fourth of July fundraisers,” Reinhart says. “We weren’t able to have bounce houses or food sales, so our fundraising has suffered a bit like many other nonprofit groups.”

In response, ZLC members got creative in order to raise funds. The club is selling personalized paver bricks for $100 each on its website.

“For that cost, there will be three lines of text,” Reinhart says. “If you get too wordy you might need to buy another brick. We do offer a discount if they purchase two or more, for $90 per brick.”

The park was established in 1940.

“I think pretty much anybody in Zionsville either walks their dog through the park, watched their grandkids play ball there, or attends one of our events throughout a normal year,” Reinhart says. “So, it’s a very well-known area and we’re very proud of that fact.”

bricksThis spring, the current personalized bricks will be temporarily removed, cleaned and put back into place.

“Depending on the weather, the project will probably take about a week for all the work to be completed,” Reinhart says. “Also, the bricks will be engraved here locally.”

The park requires dedicated volunteers and funding to stay up and running.

“We have a lot of volunteers who help keep the restrooms and the playground clean, especially now during this pandemic,” Reinhart says.

Sales of the bricks will end in late winter or early spring.

“The work may be done by club members, but we’re also looking at having it done professionally so we don’t have to do this again in 20 years,” Reinhart says.

Families will be able to visit their bricks for years to come.

“I feel like it’s a way to cement your name into local history,” Reinhart says. “You know the park isn’t going away any time soon. I think these bricks are a nice way to display your family name, or in memory of a fallen family member or military member.”

To purchase a brick, and for more information, visit zionsvillelions.com. Lions Club Park is located at 115 South Elm Street in Zionsville.

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