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The Studio Kate: Local Business Specializes in Portrait Photography

Throughout all of life’s curveballs, setbacks and obstacles, photographer Katie Plummer has always found a way forward. Starting her own business, providing for her kids, and living a life of passion and creativity all became her goals along the way. 

The Studio Kate, Plummer’s portrait photography business, started as a part-time endeavor in 2006 and remained a hobby until around five years ago.

“Even though I was doing it as a business, my focus was being a stay-at-home mom,” Plummer says. “Life kind of forced me to go further with it. In the last six years, and more so in the last three years, it has evolved into a full-time business for me.”

A mother of three, Plummer wanted a career that fueled her passion for creativity but allowed her time with her kids and her husband Jeremy. Her love for photography started during her time as photo editor for the Hamilton Southeastern High School newspaper. 

The Studio Kate

“It just kept coming back to me, and circling back in my life,” Plummer says. 

Around six years ago, Plummer found herself in need of a fresh start. While working as an Uber driver, a substitute teacher and a photographer to provide for herself and her kids, she decided to jump-start her career and create the life she wanted. 

“I found myself with no home, no car, and living in my parents’ home along with my kids,” Plummer says. “It was during that time when I thought, ‘This is the time that I need to think about what I want to do with my life.’”

In 2016 Plummer and her kids – Landon, 16, Ava, 14, and Haddie, 9 – moved into a new apartment, and her three jobs gave her the momentum she needed to dive headfirst into her photography business.

With the help of friends and family, and word of mouth throughout the community, Plummer’s photography business saw an incline in demand. She found herself developing a love for the business side of her endeavor, working with Jeremy to fuel the business from every angle. 

“My husband helps me with the back side of the business – the website and the IT – and I handle the creative side,” Plummer says. “We really complement each other.”  

The Studio Kate

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the couple found ways to revamp and run the business, and they saw a welcome boom in business in the last six months.

“We really started to slow down and focus on some of the things in the background that we would miss when we’re up and running, and functioning full time – things like our website and redoing our pricing.” Plummer says. “It was refreshing for us.”

Plummer has recently focused on finding new ways to photograph her clients and navigate daily changes that have resulted from the pandemic. 

“I love senior photo shoots,” Plummer says. “I love making people feel good about themselves. During family shoots, I always want the mom to feel beautiful. They are always so worried about everybody else, and so I try to capture a picture that they love.”

Plummer focuses on making each customer feel special, seen and beautiful. Her business has blossomed into a life of passion and creativity, with a love for what she does and a special talent for making other people feel special.

“With the power people have in supporting small businesses, they may not realize the gift they hold in their hands,” Plummer adds. “Part of what I feel like I’m here for is to connect with other small businesses. I really think that shopping small and being intentional about supporting the people you live around is important.” 

The Studio Kate is located at 874 Logan Street in Noblesville. For more info, call 317-340-6247 and visit

Writer  /  Peyton Gigante
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