Local Bakery Has a Taste for Success

Photographer / Jubilee Edgell

Tanya Marshall, owner of Heavenly Sweets, has been baking delicious treats in Noblesville since 1994. Her business has been located in several areas around the city, and the demand for her legendary wedding cakes and dessert items has increased through the years. Currently located on South 8th Street, on the same block as the historic R. L. Wilson House, the bakery is expanding its fan base by shipping to places outside its usual local delivery area. 

Heavenly Sweets

COVID has been a challenge,” Marshall says. “While the retail shop was closed down, we did carry-out and deliveries. This spring I think consumers got finger-happy for all kinds of products, and ordered a lot online. I saw UPS and Amazon Prime trucks everywhere. I thought, ‘We need to do this.’ So we have jumped on board.”

When she was in the fourth grade, Marshall was introduced to baking through 4-H. The recipes she uses today stem from her mother’s love of being in the kitchen. The mousse found in the bakery’s specialty cakes, including Butter Golden Salted Carmel and Red Velvet, is the same homemade custard her mother used. Likewise, holiday pies such as Three Berry and Dutch Apple are influenced by the pastries Marshall grew up with.

Marshall began her baking career by making six cupcakes at a time in a toaster oven. At the time, the door spring on her regular oven was broken. Her brother and son-in-law purchased a used stove for her, and through hard work and perseverance, her business has grown to include a wide array of baked goods. 

Offerings available for delivery can be found on the Heavenly Sweets website. These include traditional holiday pies starting at $22.50. Mousse cakes are $65, and made-from-scratch pumpkin and banana breads are $14. Prices for cupcakes, cookies, brownies and bars vary by flavor.

Heavenly Sweets

“We use real butter and unbleached flour,” Marshall says. “Every day in the retail shop we have many different cupcakes such as German Chocolate, Lemon Raspberry Crumble and Chocolate Salted Caramel. There are a variety of cookies, small pies, brownies and bars. Our bestselling wedding cake continues to be a traditional classic white, with good quality butter cream icing. To mail order, people can view the products online, but we still like customers to call in by phone. We don’t want to lose that personal contact.”

Marshall adds that Noblesville has been supportive of her business throughout the years.

“I have a wonderful office manager and staff,” she says. “We have managed to thrive, survive and flourish through years of economic ups and downs. To be successful, people don’t have to have a college degree but they have to have a good work ethic. I remained fiscally conservative and through faith in God, realized that we are not defined by our circumstances – we can do anything we put our mind to.”

Heavenly Sweets is located at 293 South 8th Street in Noblesville. For more info, call 317-770-9399 and visit heavenlysweetscakes.net.

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