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Owner of Local Boat Business Specializes in All Things Restorative

Photography Provided

JR Miller, owner of Miller Boat Restoration in Goshen, considers himself lucky. 

He gets to do work he thoroughly enjoys, and loves where he lives. 

“I tell people that I’m fortunate enough to do boat restoration work that is continually satisfying to me in a great place to be,” Miller says. “I’ve been able to get to know a lot of people in this area, and that has really helped me with my business.” 

Miller believes his business has been successful because he offers a variety of restoration services.

“I work on the flooring of boats,” Miller says. “I install vinyl flooring that is very soft and waterproof. That’s really important. The flooring will last a lot longer. Vinyl flooring is very high quality. If you take care of it, it will last a lifetime. It’s such great flooring.” 

Miller also installs seating in boats. 

“I can reupholster seats, or work on installing new seats,” he says. “I can also clean boat seats that have too much mold on them. I use a good cleaner that helps me do a high-quality job. I can have boat seats looking as good as new. That’s important because you want your boat seats to be comfortable and look as nice as they can be.”

Another key service Miller provides is electrical wiring for boats.

“I can work on boat lights, switches and gauges,” Miller says. “I have spent a lot of time making sure these important things will all be working on a boat. The lakes get crowded during the warm weather months, and you want your lights, switches and gauges working well. I’ll get your boat looking real nice. The only thing I don’t do is anything with boat motors.” 

Miller is also able to work on boat railings. 

“I can change the panels on a boat, or put new panels, new decals and new railing,” he says. 

Miller works by himself, alongside his unofficial staffer – his 6-year-old son Andrew.

“My son is really a great helper,” Miller says. “He helps me carry my stuff, and he likes to work with his dad, which is really nice. It gives us time to be together, and he can see the work that I do.” 

Miller loves living in Goshen, where he says the people are extremely friendly and always willing to help their neighbors.

“I also really love it here because there is good shopping in the area,” he adds. “You can get just about anything at the Goshen Walmart, and I love the ALDI store here too. There are also so many great, high-quality places to eat here too. The restaurants are outstanding, and the people working in places around here go out of their way to make you feel welcome. You can’t beat the people of Goshen.” 

Miler also works at Fusion Designs, where he finishes furniture and ships it out to customers.

“It’s a great place, and the customers there are very satisfied,” he says. 

Miller says he has enjoyed getting to know boat owners, and discussing how to improve the look and operation of each customer’s boat.

“I’ve had customers who have had me work on one of their boats, and then want me to work on another boat they own,” Miller says. “That’s a great compliment, and a great feeling. I like being able to take something old and make it new again. Everyone around here knows me as JR. My real first name is Danny, but my dad’s name is also Danny. I’m the junior, but the name JR fits me just fine.” 

Miller says he always strives to do the best work he can.

“I also pick up boats and then deliver them back to the owners,” he says. “I can also put new lighting on a boat.” 

Miller Boat Restoration is located at 62220 County Road 35 in Goshen. For more info, call 574-642-9928.

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