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Writer / Abby Renz
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The holidays mean gatherings of friends, family and friends who have become family. It means the twinkling of Christmas lights, the merriment of songs, crisp winter air and hot drinks to warm the heart. The holidays also mean festive meals, juicy turkey, honey roasted ham and hand mashed potatoes topped with simmering gravy, bread rolls, stuffing and pies of every kind. It’s the kind of feast that afterwards, you might unbutton the top button of your jeans, curl up with a good book with a mug of spiced cider and enjoy a fire in the hearth.New Kitchen Store

When I think of the holidays, I think of my grandma’s cooking. Growing up, I distinctly remember my grandma waking up early and making coffee before the sun came up and bustling in the kitchen all day. As a child, I couldn’t begin to fathom the love and dedication that goes into preparing a meal for the holidays. All I knew was that the scents of the season filled the kitchen and throughout the house, and somehow, my grandma created magic.

Now, as a young woman and a new wife, I get to carry on the tradition and make the holiday meals. Together we can make new memories, compare recipes, and most importantly, I can help my grandmother. I now know how much work, prep and love goes into every dish to make the holiday spectacular…it isn’t easy! I now understand why she would wake up so early and why my siblings and I would be shooed from the kitchen for being underfoot.

I get it now! In my own kitchen, it drives me insane when my husband is standing around. So much so, that I tell him if he wants food, he better get out of my kitchen. I have also learned the sense of pride that I feel when the food I make looks great and tastes amazing.  I love seeing my family enjoy a good, homecooked meal.

New Kitchen Store It’s easy to get takeout or heat up a dinner in the microwave (hello college years), but to take the time to prepare a meal, grind the spices, follow a recipe and spend a few hours in the kitchen is truly a gift. When I cook, I like to play music. If I’m by myself, I take my time so I can truly enjoy the experience. Cooking is more than mixing ingredients and stuffing food into an oven. I have learned so much from cooking and how to make so many things that I love: handmade apple pies with lattice design or rosebuds, handmade cranberry sauce (SO much better than canned) and how to recognize the best spices and herbs to perfect a meal.

The best part is that I can share these things with my grandmother, just as she has shared them with me–we continue sharing this passion and making new memories. I’m honored to have been passed the torch this holiday and to take some of the pressure off her. She can enjoy the things that I now realize she missed out on all these years.

This year, take the time to help your loved ones who spend hours in the kitchen. If the kids can help, let them! Take shifts in the kitchen, let the cook in on the festivities, play music and make cooking a wonderful experience instead of a burden. I couldn’t understand the work that my grandma put into each meal growing up, and now that I do, I cherish and respect each meal with her more and more.

Come to the New Kitchen Store for your holiday and cooking needs as we enter the holiday season. From spices to coffee and much, much more, we can help make your time in the kitchen a special time.

New Kitchen StoreYou can visit the New Kitchen Store at 330 Liberty St, Walkerton, IN 46574 or give them a call at (574) 586-2745. You can also shop online at

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