Drake’s Wildlife Services Takes Care of Pesky Animal Removal

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Jared Drake, owner of Drake’s Wildlife Services, 7950 W. 615 S., Topeka, Indiana, says providing top notch service to his customers is what has enabled him to make his business a success.   Drake’s Wildlife Services

“I started out building houses, and also trapping animals as a hobby for a few years,” Drake says. “I was looking for something else to do, other than work on RVs, because I didn’t feel like I was doing anything that impacted anyone. I wanted to be able to have a career that would benefit people.”

Drake also knew there was a big demand to get rid of unwanted animals inside or outside a home.

“The business started when my wife and I were sitting outside and talking about if people in the area had enough animal problems to the degree that it made sense to start a business,” Drake says.  “She was very beneficial to me. She made me see that there is a market for these services out there. I took all the proper classes, got licensed and then opened my business. We still do training with employees very frequently because although we have had fantastic success, we want to make sure we bring top notch service to all our customers.”

Drake notes that his business offers a wide variety of services.

“We offer attic remediation, where we remove old insulation, sanitize the area and put in the new insulation,” he says. “We also offer the trapping of all nuisance animals and the removal of animals. When the trapping doesn’t make sense, we use a catchpole to get the animal, or another method.”

Drake’s Wildlife Services also offers the removal of dead animals.

“If a deer gets hit from the road into your yard, or dies on your beach, then we can come and pick it up,” Drake says. “We also do animal cleanup. Pigeons may make an absolute mess of a building, so we can get that cleaned and sanitized, after the birds are removed, of course.”

An exclusion service is also offered.Drake’s Wildlife Services

“Exclusion is the sealing of any openings and the use of proper materials and equipment to keep animals out/off of your building,” Drake says. “Sometimes we need to cover attic vents or repair them so that a raccoon cannot re-enter. We also use equipment to deter birds from ever returning. Some of our repairs include fixing the damage caused by animals to the exterior and interior of a home. Sometimes raccoons in an attic will tear down through drywall or up through the roof. We can get both things taken care of.”

Drake notes that his business can trap all kinds of animals.

“We can trap birds when necessary and all nuisance mammals,” he says. “We can also trap skunks, groundhogs, raccoons, opossum, squirrels, rats, mice, weasels, coyotes, beaver, muskrat, fox, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, voles, shrews and snakes.”

Drake added that his business typically deters birds with different methods instead of trappings because birds respond well to deterring,

“Trapping a bird like a goose or other federally protected species is a hassle, but it can be done if necessary,” Drake says. “Bats are also not permanently trapped but removed with other methods. We use cage traps or live traps, where an animal is caught unharmed, and released elsewhere whenever possible.”

Drake notes that it is good to rely on experts.

“Trapping may seem simple, and you may have an instance of a raccoon that’s not too bright, and wants to only fill his belly, but most of the time it takes skill and knowledge to know what trail to use,” Drake says. “It also helps to know which trap to use. There are multiple sizes and configurations of live/cage traps to use, and so on, to capture the animals. Trapping is the most common way.”

Drake makes sure the jobs are done as quickly as possible.

“Sometimes an animal may become stuck some place in a building, so then I go in with a catchpole (a stick with a snare on the end), and I’m sure it’s not their favorite thing, but it beats them starving to death, or someone getting bit by trying to grab the animal by the hand.”

Drake added that it doesn’t cause any damage to the animal and there is only momentary discomfort.

“Catching bats involves a lot of sealing of a structure and other methods to allow the bats to leave,” Drake says. “If it’s one or two bats, I remove them by hand with a glove. Birds can be repelled with all kinds of deterrents, depending on the situation. They can be repelled from everything, from lawns to commercial buildings.”Drake’s Wildlife Services

Drake tells his customers that damage to a home or business can also be taken care of.

“If I do not have the knowledge to do it right, or simply need help, I will typically have Dayspring Construction LLC do it for me, and they do a fantastic job,” Drake says.

Drake added that homeowners need to get rid of pesky animals causing property damage.

“If you leave animals in their home, especially in your attic, it puts anyone in that home at risk for zoonotic diseases,” he says. “Some people think ‘Oh yes, I just have some cute bats or birds that have lived in my attic for years.’ Whereas the bats have been creating fecal matter buildup that can then create a fungus that can cause histoplasmosis if breathed in. If mammals come into your home and aren’t dealt with, they too can bring a list of diseases into the home. Along with bugs that have hitched a ride in on their fur.”

To find out more about Drake’s Wildlife Services, call (260) 215-5367, email them at drakeswildlifeservices@gmail.com; find them on Facebook at Drake’s Wildlife Services or on their website at drakeswildlife.com.

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