Zionsville’s Newest Ice Cream Shop Brings Unique Flavors

Writer  /  Matt Keating
Photography provided by Matthew Doudt Photography

Kas Miller, co-owner of Fundae’s, 7165 Whitestown Parkway, says she couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception when her family’s ice cream shop opened its doors last March.

“The communities of Zionsville and Whitestown have been really nice to us,” Miller says.”We couldn’t have asked for two better communities to help us out after we opened. They have been super supportive. We wanted to create a family-friendly atmosphere, and people have told us they love it here.”

Miller says she and her husband, Donny, who is serving active duty in the Army, first started planning to open Fundae’s last year. She says the choices for ice cream were limited in the Whitestown area, and they wanted to give people more options. They spent a lot of time researching the business and preparing before they opened their doors.

“Ice cream has always been a big hit in our family, and our kids love the fact that their parents own an ice cream shop now,” Miller says. “It’s a dream come true for them. We spend a lot of time bonding over ice cream. We want a lot of other families and friends to come in here and do the same.”

The Miller kids include Kinsey, 1,  Hadley, 3, Lucas, a sophomore at University High School, Andy, who is in basic training in the Army, and Tyler, 20.

“We all like having a wide variety of ice cream choices, and we know other families are the same way,” Miller says. “People want a lot of choices of quality ice cream. We serve ‘The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream’ straight from Madison, Wisconsin, which is very popular.”

Customers have already picked out their favorites, and there are plenty to choose from. Miller noted there are more than 32 flavors in the display cabinet and more than 100 flavors in the back of the store that are rotated.

“We have some seasonal ice cream flavors that have been a big hit, such as our Carmel Apple Pie, which has really taken off,” Miller says. “Our Banana Cream Pie has also been popular. It has banana ice cream churned with a marshmallow ripple and real Nilla Wafers. We also have a ‘Kitty Kitty Bang Bang’ ice cream, a smooth cheesecake ice cream mixed with a sweet raspberry ripple, Oreo cookies and soft chocolate chunks.”

Miller says another favorite is “The Exhausted Parent,” a bourbon-spiked espresso ice cream swirled with bittersweet chocolate chunks. Parents think that name is funny.

There is also a flavor called “Fat Elvis,” a sweet banana ice comes, all shook up with a salty peanut butter ripple and rich chocolate chips, and a “Blue Moon” flavor which tastes just like the milk in the bottom of a Fruit Loops bowl. It has a Fruit Loops taste and a blue color.

Other flavors include Snap-O-Lantern, a seasonal flavor, is an award-winning combination of spicy pumpkin ice cream and heaps of ginger snap cookies, available for a limited time only, Cake Batter Fudge with a cake batter-base, thick chocolate frosting swirls and brownie chunks, and Heaps of Love, with Oreos, brownies, cookie dough, pecans, caramel and chocolate ripples, all packed into vanilla ice cream.

Miller says her youngest child, Kinsey, is deaf, so she and her family and several of her employees know sign language, making Fundae’s a popular destination with others in the deaf community as well.

“We get a lot of people from the Deaf School in Indianapolis, and from the deaf community,” Miller says. “It’s a lot easier for them to order and not just have to point at their choices in the display cabinet.”

Miller has loved having a lot of families tell her that Fundae’s has become their favorite ice cream destination.

“It really makes me feel great that all the planning we did before we opened has really paid off,” Miller says. “Our dream was to make this a place where family and friends could get together, enjoy some great ice cream and enjoy good items together. We have accomplished that.”

Fundae’s Ice Cream & Sweets is located at 7165 Whitestown Parkway in Zionsville. You can call them at 317-732-5046 or visit them online at visitfundaes.com.

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