Entertaining for the Holidays

Moody’s Butcher Shop Has Your Holiday Hankerings Handled

Writer / Erik Risman, Moody’s Foodie
Photographer / Michaela Marshall

The holidays are just around the corner – snowflakes in the air, holiday cheer, family festivities. That’s what the holidays are all about: family, friends, entertaining, and beautiful and bountiful table settings.

Moody’s is here to help make your gatherings a spectacular success, and whether it’s a delicious holiday meal with all the trimmings or a holiday party, Moody’s can help with the planning, the stress relief and the fun. Embedded in this article you will find links to our favorite recipes. Moody’s Butcher Shop

Thanksgiving is a huge family day – almost 50 million turkeys are consumed. At Moody’s, we’ve been offering the Bowman & Landes fresh free-range turkey for years. It’s delicious, unlike any turkey you’ve had before, and it’s simple to prepare.

Not only can Moody’s help with the big meals on the holidays, but our selection and options for hors d’oeuvres and party snacks are also plentiful, whether it’s a formal party or a casual event. From bacon-wrapped shrimp to bacon-wrapped Chicken Bombs, from fancy to game day, we have it all, from lollipop lamb chops to barbecue chicken wings.

Some of the simplest offerings can be truly elegant. A charcuterie board can run the gamut from easy to complex – look at these examples.

Moody’s has been serving Zionsville and Boone County now for almost 10 years. Our customers are great – they’re like family – and Amy just about knows them all. Within the business, we refer to our stores as specialty butcher shops, but we’re really the “neighborhood butcher,” where we communicate daily with our customers, learn what they like and what they want, and do our best to provide it.

Zionsville is a beautiful and thriving little town, and we love being part of it. We try to make walking through our doors as magical as following the bricks through the town. Part of my job, other than providing the best quality products we can find along with the best service, is to enhance and enrich our customers’ lives with good flavors and tastes in the products we make and provide. I said that it was part of my job – it’s really a passion. I’m an inveterate foodie and I love to share that passion with others, so if you’re in need of what to do for your entertaining needs, simply ask. We’re here to help.Moody’s Butcher Shop

I’m often asked, “What makes Moody’s special?” That’s a huge question but has a relatively simple answer. It’s a combination of the quality of our products and the quality of our people. People make the difference in the shopping experience; product quality and that experience brings the customers back. It’s a privilege to serve the communities in which we operate, and it’s an honor to work side by side with the people who serve our customers.


We‘ve developed new products that begin to differentiate us from the traditional butcher shop – those that are ready to cook (prepackaged, marinated meats), ready to heat (prepackaged, precooked products) and ready to eat (just as this implies – packaged and ready to devour).

We’re testing new products all the time. The overriding criteria is to help simplify our customers’ lives and save them time and effort, while giving them the best quality products they would purchase from our meat cases but with half the effort.

Local Products

Moody’s works not just with local vendors and suppliers, but also local farmers who provide beef and hogs. These are special – our signature beef is culled from the herds for quality. It’s dry-aged and better than prime. Our Berkshire pork is the wagyu of pork and full of flavor. This is a key differentiator.Moody’s Butcher Shop

I’m also asked, “What’s coming down the line for Moody’s that your customer should know about?” The first thing is, in a world of high tech, butchering, cooking and flavor combinations remain both low tech and an art. So, at Moody’s, robots will not be cutting your meats, and you won’t have self-checkout.

So, if you’re new to Zionsville and Boone County, come visit us. We want to be your neighborhood butcher. If you’re already part of the family, come in for some samples and friendly conversation.

And yes, we really will help you with your holiday entertaining.

For more info, visit moodysbutchershop.com.

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