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Author: thealexandalifoundation

The Alex and Ali Foundation

Joined In Feb 2021

About Me

The Alex and Ali Foundation is a nonprofit organization that empowers young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities through meaningful employment opportunities and vocational training. Jennifer and Andrew Parker formed the foundation in 2014. It is named after their son, Alex, who has autism and his best friend, Ali Callahan. Jennifer and Andy realized that as Alex completed high school, there were very few job opportunities and very little availability for community engagement. They also realized that most of the parents of young adults with developmental disabilities had the same concerns. Our focus remains to provide safe venues for these individuals to learn, work and interact within the community. As a result, our young adults have a purpose in their days and develop confidence in themselves. We believe that given the right structure with the correct training, these individuals can be very successful and are able to give back to our society. We are in the business of empowering and enhancing lives.


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