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Owners like to bully children

This place is garbage, and the owners are horrible, dishonest people. During the Strawberry Festival this year, the street vendors were told that there was an arrangement made with this establishment and the people who run the festival that their restrooms would be available for the vendors to use. My wife was one of the vendors for the festival, and my 12 year old daughter was helping her out. My daughter went in, and asked if it was ok for her to use the restroom. Both of the owners, 2 GROWN ADULTS, teamed up on A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL, and started yelling at her, demanding proof of purchase before letting her have access to the restroom. My daughter left there scared and it tears. When my wife confronted them, they yelled at her too and accused them of lying about my daughters age, and then threw them out. This leaves me with 2 questions: 1) What gives you the right to treat anyone like that? 2) Did you give yourselves a big 'ol pat on the back for bullying a 12 year old kid and her mother? You are mean. You are cruel. You are bullies. And I hope the world sees you for what you really are.

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