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Author: kj9817

KJ McGlinn

Joined In Aug 2021

About Me

After spending 13 years as the co-host for the award-winning Smiley Morning Show in Indianapolis, KJ is no stranger to using her voice to better her community. Now, many people know her as the founder of the Kinda Nerdy Girls podcast -- a fun and often funny, look into fandom from women who work in the entertainment industry -- or as the Kitty Correspondent on the nationally syndicated show, Pet Pals TV. She has recently joined the acclaimed new show Paranormal X Road featuring an all female paranormal crew bringing peace to people experiencing the paranormal. A multi-passionate entrepreneur at heart, KJ combines her dedication to animal advocacy and love of Marvel movies to connect with followers and fans alike. She is a frequent go-to expert on all things cats, superheroes and sci-fi, which has led to a loyal social media presence of more than 35,000. Through her work with animal advocates, feline fans and fangirls who love Star Wars, KJ is deeply committed to creating fun and fantastical opportunities for anyone who wants to impact the world around them through their own unique passions (especially cats). You will find KJ interacting daily in the social communities she's founded around her passions,! Join her groups: Kinda Nerdy Network, PXRoadies and KJ's Cat Club on Facebook!


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